Working Animal Jam Membership generator 2020

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

To those who have been following my videos, I’m a generator tester. so far, most generators I’ve tried were all not working. Since a lot has been asking if it’s still working, I checked it and it seems to work really fine. Here’s the link to the Generator.

The link given to me had ads. all you have to do is allow and skip.

Your account must be at least 3 months old for this to work. This is a one time use only. You can generate up to 5 items, and you can duplicate up to 3 items. Works for clothing items, den items, and pets as well. (The audio glitched out halfway through, sorry!)

Step Send your Animal Jam username and password to [email protected], along with which items you want to be duplicated/generated.

Step Wait up to 24 hours.

Step Check your Gmail for an email that says your items have been delivered.

Step Log into Animal Jam and enjoy your new items!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator