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Hey pawsome jammers!

Here’s the

hey guys, today i’ll be telling you how to hack anybody in animal jam! please use this carefully and only hack bad jammers.

*the AJHQ account recovery email [email protected]

here is the email i wrote to

Hello AJHQ,
Recently I tried to log into a spare account of mine, (*user of account you want to hack*), however it said that the password was incorrect, which it wasn’t. I tried to reset the password but it said that the parent email wasn’t correct. The parent email to that account should’ve been the one I’m emailing you from now. My main account is (*user of your main*) and my current password is (*your current password*) to prove my authenticity. I think that my spare account may have gotten hacked. Could you possibly transfer the (*user of account you want to hack*) to my parent dashboard and give me a temporary password until I can change it again? Thank you so much.

(end of email)

make sure you email them from the email you use for your parent dashboard or they won’t be able to transfer the account. if you can’t do that, just make sure you mention the email attached to your account somewhere in your email. naming your main account and the password proves that you are who you say you are and also gives them more information so you’ll get a quicker and simpler response. also, you are more likely to be given the information to the account you want to hack if you are a member because they will trust you more as a paying customer! this works for aj classic only.

this has worked for me twice and i will be doing it again soon, so i really hope this works for you too!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator