Unreleased Headdresses + Color Hack || Animal Jam

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So.. I decided to mess around with some hacks. I might trade one of the headdresses away, but I don’t wanna mess up the rarity. Comment down below offers!
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Hey Jammers! Today we take a look at the quitting issue in Animal Jam. It seems like alot of players sign up for a month or 2 and then just vanish. Others who have been around for a long time are also leaving. What’s the deal? I talk about some random crazy ideas for possibly improving Animal Jam which might make Jammers want to keep on playing. Warning: Some very crazy ideas!!

Also… I remove all of my buddies, or most of them anyway. I tried having 1,000 buddies ever since they added that feature but its just way too hard to make videos and I’m a video maker! So, following the lead of other much more famous Jammers who have been doing this alot longer than me, I spent the whole weekend moving my buddies to a spare.

This will have 2 results:
A: I will be able to make more videos and better videos!
B: I’ll actually have more time to hang out with everybody!

Win, Win!

And if you were a buddy and did not get added on my spare. I tried! I have you on a list, I’ll keep on trying. You either had a full buddy list or requests turned off.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator