Top 10 Rarest Items in Animal Jam In Depth 2020

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In today’s video, I discuss the top 10 rarest items in Animal Jam
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Hello!! I wanted to share this with everyone to help others get their dream items, or anything they want! Let me know if this works out for you in the comments below! ^^


AJ Classic [email protected]
AJ (Play Wild) [email protected]



Dear Animal Jam HQ,

A few days ago I was scammed out of items! I lost my (insert items you lost/want here). I have already blocked and reported the scammer, and I haven’t been able to get my items back!

Could my items possibly be recovered? I really miss them, and I worked so hard for them. To prove my identity, here’s my parent

My parent account (email here)
My parent account (account password)

My main account is (main), and that’s the account I lost items on! I would be really grateful if my items were given back!

Thank you! 🙂


Music is not mine, credit to these amazing

aqualina – midnight jam sesh
alex martian – Flower District

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator