Top 10 Best Apps for Android in April 2020 in Tamil Wisdom Technical

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In this video we are going see Top 10 Best Apps of April 2021 in Tamil. Hope you Like this video.

10th App Tamil Fm Radio HD

9th App Glow Draw

8th App Rolling icons

7th App Intro Maker With Music

6th App Smarty Styles

5th App Blur Face

4th App LED Word Board

3rd App Automatic Tap

2nd App Bulb Smash – Best Game Of 2021

1st App New Live TV

In 10th app you can Listen All Tamil Fm radio station anytime anywhere in the world with High quality Audio Tamil Fm radio stations. All Live Chennai Fm Radio Available in this Tamil Fm radio only. In 9th app you can Glow Draw is the best Glow Paint with Kids Doodles and adult doodles alike. Neon Art is the best way to create Neon Style Drawings that looks like Neon Keyboard output. In 8th app you can app icon and photo icon rolling width gesture and gravity and When you set it as the live wallpaper, you can rock and roll the launcher. In 7th app you can make Intro Maker Video Editor select a template and slideshow. Customize it. Export HD Video Intro For youtube. Make custom intro videos in minutes. No design skills needed. Logo animation for getting the most artistic and creative look. In 6th app you can Generate your name in different font style with your choice of background or create your own quote with unique texture and blur effects and directly upload them to social media or put them as your wp profile pic! It’s that easy. In 5th app you can Blur Face makes it fast and simple to anonymize faces in your photos. It detects faces in the selected image and suggests to anonymize them using one of the three censor options provided : Blur, Pixelate (a.k.a Mosaic) and Plain black square. In 4th app the LED Word Board which simulates the LED scroller screen, can help you convey messages in a fun way, especially in a noisy place, it is very useful and effective. In 3th app Automatic Tap helps you do repeated taps – at any location on your screen, at any interval you specify. It requires no root access. There’s no limit for the click interval you choose – safely go as low as 10ms (100 clicks/sec). In 2nd app you can play most addictive game like shooting and broken light bulb sound? Bulb Smash is a real light bulb shooting game. Broke the light bulb within timer by using slingshot. In 1st app you can watch live all tamil channels.
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