The Real Promo Code For Easter Headdress On Animal Jam + Epic Giveaways

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Today I show you the brand new Easter Headdress on Animal Jam and share the Promo Code so you can get it!!! Also… I’m doing a Headdress Giveaway, Alpha Armor Giveaway, Long Spike Giveaway and every single color Rare short spiked collar giveaway! Tons of giveaways and we check out some fan art and stuff. Hope you enjoy!

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In today’s Animal Jam #PlayWild video I purchase a $19.99 Sapphires bundle with 50% more sapphires! Please watch the entire video to know how to enter the black spike wristband giveaway. I create a horse, poodle, and buy the spring cottage package. The Spring cottage package saves you 65 sapphires so get it soon!

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator