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Animal Jam has been having a HUGE glitch recently where certain players have been given INFINITE MEMBERSHIP. While I’m still not sure why or how this is happening, I wanted to show you one Animal Jam player who ended up getting this infinite membership and just what can happen when a jammer gets this.

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Intro by bubblegumbee. Check out her other great videos at this

If I haven’t filled it in, it’s probably Blackmill.

How to get UNLIMITED Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets in the Tiki Trouble adventure.

You can obtain this item by catching a boot while fishing. The boot will disappear after 2 minutes, so if you’re doing this adventure with friends, be quick!

Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets were originally sold in the Diamond Shop from September 4, 2014 to October of 2016. They have resurfaced in the new adventure, Tiki Trouble.

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Insider Leaving for Canada tomorrow. This was gonna be one of my prerecorded videos, but I wanted to get it up as soon as possible so you could have more time to use this little trick 😉

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