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This is just basically me fooling around with the app, unfortunately, my free trial has run out so I have to either start paying or downloading 3 apps a day to keep on using the app for the computer (Windows only. No Macs.)

●Question of the Day●
What is your favorite feature in this app?


-How to get-
1) Look at the links at the bottom, the first one is where you need to obtain permission from Animal Jam’s manager to install the app. Enter the required information and wait, the process can either take a few days or a few hours.
2) Once you obtain the email from the Manager, follow the link and it will take you to a private group.
3) Find the Owner’s Post, it should be by someone called Mitch Smiley. Follow the link and hope that it will work.
4) If you want to play on a computer, download BlueStacks (The second link)
From here onward I have no idea what I did, but whatever I did, I did it in a long and painful way which somehow ended up working. Good luck with this xD

-Important links-
Registraction- (Permission from the CEO to Beta Test the app) –
BlueStacks (To play on computer, for non-Android users. Google account and permission needed) –

Personally I find it very trustworthy and it is used by loads of people. It if free for day one then afterwards you need to either pay $2 a month to use it, or download 3 sponsored apps daily.

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I do not own any extra content used in this video. The song used in the intro is Feel good Inc. by Gorillaz, the song used in the outro is Kids In The Street by All-American Rejects. The game is National Geographic’s Animal Jam. (By Smartbomb Interactive). This app is unreleased and it is called Play Wild (Beta)

In this video, I will be showing you some really cool ways in which you can get sapphires. This video isn’t intended only for beginners, but also for the old AJPW players!

Here is a summary of all the tips&
1) Jamaaliday gifts
The Token Collector
2) Treasure hunt
The Rare Item Collector
3) Games
4) Pet Expedition
Use it in my den!
5) Cavephantom
6) Sapphire potion
Join sapphire events!
7) Buy membership
Buy it from you get more sapphires and its cheaper!
8) Log on every day (if ur a member)
9) Level up!
Fastest way to level up (coming soon)
10) Watch ads in the sapphire shop (FORGOT TO MENTION IN VIDEO!). Go to the sapphire shop, then go right at the end and click on that blue chest. Watch the videos and u can get lots of sapphires!

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator