Animal Jam Play Wild Hack Unlimited Gems Sapphires For Free 2018 100 % WORKING

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Animal Jam Play Wild Hack Unlimited Gems, Sapphires For Free 2020 [100 % WORKING]

Hello Youtube! Today I am gonna show you how to hack Animal Jam Play Wild game. It is another game from this universe but today I will show you, how to get Sapphires and Gems completely for free. It works on every device iPad, iPhone and Android device. All you have to do is just follow my steps in video upper or follow steps here.

How to use our hack?

1) Go to the link below or mentioned in video.
2) Select how many Gems and Sapphires you want, then click ‘Generate’
3) Then type your username, select your device
4) Click ‘Continue’.
5) Wait till software will end generate your poke Gems and Sapphires.
6) Then when verification will pop up click ‘Verify now’ and select 1 offer and complete it. It is only about downloading some game or software and turn it on for a couple of seconds, then you can uninstall it.
7) When you complete your picked task go to your game which was all the time turned on in the background and wait for your Gems and Sapphires.

Remember, if you take the maximum of Gems and Sapphires it maybe won’t work so try taking small amounts of Gems and Sapphires and then it will work for 100%.

After using our Animal Jam Play Wild Hack successfully, your Gems and Sapphires will be added directly to your account. You can directly use Animal Jam Play Wild cheats from your smartphone or PC. Our hack supports the operating systems Android and iOS.

If you want to buy Sapphires and Gold in the proper way here they are


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Testing Play Wild BETA Animal Jam app

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Want to join Animal Jam? Click here!

This is just basically me fooling around with the app, unfortunately, my free trial has run out so I have to either start paying or downloading 3 apps a day to keep on using the app for the computer (Windows only. No Macs.)

●Question of the Day●
What is your favorite feature in this app?


-How to get-
1) Look at the links at the bottom, the first one is where you need to obtain permission from Animal Jam’s manager to install the app. Enter the required information and wait, the process can either take a few days or a few hours.
2) Once you obtain the email from the Manager, follow the link and it will take you to a private group.
3) Find the Owner’s Post, it should be by someone called Mitch Smiley. Follow the link and hope that it will work.
4) If you want to play on a computer, download BlueStacks (The second link)
From here onward I have no idea what I did, but whatever I did, I did it in a long and painful way which somehow ended up working. Good luck with this xD

-Important links-
Registraction- (Permission from the CEO to Beta Test the app) –
BlueStacks (To play on computer, for non-Android users. Google account and permission needed) –

Personally I find it very trustworthy and it is used by loads of people. It if free for day one then afterwards you need to either pay $2 a month to use it, or download 3 sponsored apps daily.

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I do not own any extra content used in this video. The song used in the intro is Feel good Inc. by Gorillaz, the song used in the outro is Kids In The Street by All-American Rejects. The game is National Geographic’s Animal Jam. (By Smartbomb Interactive). This app is unreleased and it is called Play Wild (Beta)

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Play Wild Cheats Unlimited Free Sapphires Hack iOS/Android

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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In today’s video, I finally try out and play Animal Jam Play Wild, or now Animal Jam I should say, since last playing it 5 years ago!
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How To Get Free Animal Jam Play Wild Sapphires

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hey Jammers, in today’s video I show you how to get some FREE Sapphires on Play Wild!
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Animal Jam Play Wild Free Sapphires & GemsiOs and Android Hack 2020 Cheats Short Gameplay Review

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Link to generate on the video.

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What is the use of Anti-ban feature?
There is nothing better than Animal Jam Play Wild
cheats that give me great outcomes as free currencies like GEMS. It is also a myth that people gets banned by the game authorities while using these kinds online hacking tool. However, I believe in the outcomes of the online hacking tool that gives the security features like Anti-ban. Once I enable this feature then it gives me proper protection for earning the currencies for free and with proper security. Well, I will automatically hide the IP address of the account and gives best outcomes.

If you failed to add the resources. Please try to choose another verification option and if you failed again just Please let me know by
• Liking the video
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• Comment your Username and your desired amount
• And I will do it manually for you! Don’t resell free Animal Jam Play Wild has generated here! This program should stay free for all! Thanks for watching this video

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

~ Hi guys! Welcome to this new video with me, today I will show you guys how to hack any jammer in the Animal Jam – Play Wild! app. So let’s listen to the steps. Please follow them if you can 😊.



Hey AJHQ. I just want to tell you what happened in the next two months.
So I quited Animal Jam Play Wild and AJ a little beacuse I had so much work in my real life. But now when I tried to log in my old account it says that my password is out of the time or something like this, you already know that i think. So I decited to write a mail to you, beacuse I want to countinue my old account It had a lot of my betas and rares, and I don’t want to lose them all. For first I thought I got hacked, and yes I got. When I started a new account and I saw my profile it said I was online 1 hour ago, which is not me. I wasn’t on on my old account, beacuse you see I got hacked. Can you please reset it for me, AJHQ?

My original account’s username (Jammer’s username you want to hack or get back)

And if you think I want to hack this Jammer, no i don’t. Here is my account, that I use (Your username + password)

Thank you so much AJHQ! I hope you will help me and get my account back. If you will it means a lot to me! ❤


💿 Some things you should know about this

💿 Sometimes few hours or a few days for a reply!
💿 Your few years used account, or your original one!
💿 Be patient!
💿 When you have any problems with this hack, let me know and I will help you out!

🎶 AJHQ’s recovery email 🎶
[email protected]

Bye guys, have a good day and also good luck with hacking! 😊❤

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