Animal Jam Tutorial How to get pet Kangaroo AJ Jump for FREE

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Hey jammers, Pikachachos and everyone!
In today’s video I will show you how to get “Animal Jam Jump” for free!!!

Animal Jam Kamiliux2236


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Animal Jam Play Wild Hack Tutorial 2021| Free Sapphires & Gems iOs/Android Short Gameplay Review

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Here are some of the rarest unreleased items known on animal jam classic with their worth and some surprising back stories! Some of these values are just a speculation, since the items are so rare and the rarity system is wack.

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♫ Music credits go to WildWorks/AJHQ

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Animal Jam *HACK TUTORIAL* 2020 | Animal jam hacking acounts gems diamonds color and more

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Animal Jam *HACK TUTORIAL* 2020 | Animal jam hacking acounts, gems, diamonds, color and more

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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Follow the steps in the video, pause video if needed.

I made a webpage that will steal avatar information of a given username, then applying the information to my animal almost instantly. Me.
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How To Get SAPPHIRES in Animal Jam Play Wild FAST 2021 Tutorial *NON MEMBER*

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In this video you’ll all learn How To Get Sapphires in Animal Jam Play Wild Fast 2021. This tutorial will 100% work even if you are a non member! Just remembers guys, all you need to do is watch this video until the end and then follow my step by step guide.

If you guys have any questions or need me to do it for you then please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to help out all of my subscribers!

This tutorial was recorded on May 12, 2021 and is currently one of the only working guides to get sapphires fast in animal. The reason why I made this video is because I really wanted to help out all of my subscribers. I’ll be making a lot of more tutorials so please don’t forget to turn on post notifications and also make sure to like, comment, and subscribe if it worked for you!

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