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this mod is an ajpw mod that does not require the users password, only username. After the trade of items for the mod, we will give an apk of the modded version of ajpw for the requested ammount of time. To use the mode you need to uninstall ajpw, instal the mod apk, and spimply trade. When the apk glitches off, that is when the time is done. Just uninstall the apk, reinstall animal jam, and all the scammed items will appear in your inventory.

To use the mod, you must trade a very low trade to a jammer and on the other jammers screen, it will automatically hit accept, it is a very good scam tool.


Prices for mod…

2 hours – forest boots OR duo swords OR curly antlers OR offers
4 hours – archer OR alpha armour OR offers
8 hours – Bad rc tail OR bad drag wing OR offers
10 hours – good or tail(preferably black or red.)OR good drag wing OR offers
24 hours – black tip rc tail OR offers
48 hours – beta black/white bowtie OR offers

If you want to offer somthn else, comment and ill reply with what you can get.

Complain about the prices and ill cut off ur arms

hi guys!! this is how to hack anyone you want, it still works!
here’s the text, make sure to send it to [email protected] twice
– Hey Animal Jam!

My account (user of the person you want to hack) got hacked!

I would like you to reset the password back to (password you want it to be reset to)

For verification

I am using a different account now cause that one got hacked, my user is (your mains user IT CANT BE A ALT OR IT WONT WORK)
and the password is (your mains password)

Thank you again, and please respond in the next day!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal jam has been hacked Makes sure to say safe everyone please read desc

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

So please check the website mentioned on the clips (from Muddyspirit864) full credit to her!
The website is safe, and PLEASE change ur aj and parent tools email password! Also make sure to check and their Instagram! (I dun hv insta rip)
Stay safe everyone!!

hey guys, today i’ll be telling you how to hack anybody in animal jam! please use this carefully and only hack bad jammers.

*the AJHQ account recovery email [email protected]

here is the email i wrote to

Hello AJHQ,
Recently I tried to log into a spare account of mine, (*user of account you want to hack*), however it said that the password was incorrect, which it wasn’t. I tried to reset the password but it said that the parent email wasn’t correct. The parent email to that account should’ve been the one I’m emailing you from now. My main account is (*user of your main*) and my current password is (*your current password*) to prove my authenticity. I think that my spare account may have gotten hacked. Could you possibly transfer the (*user of account you want to hack*) to my parent dashboard and give me a temporary password until I can change it again? Thank you so much.

(end of email)

make sure you email them from the email you use for your parent dashboard or they won’t be able to transfer the account. if you can’t do that, just make sure you mention the email attached to your account somewhere in your email. naming your main account and the password proves that you are who you say you are and also gives them more information so you’ll get a quicker and simpler response. also, you are more likely to be given the information to the account you want to hack if you are a member because they will trust you more as a paying customer! this works for aj classic only.

this has worked for me twice and i will be doing it again soon, so i really hope this works for you too!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal jam was hacked Read description

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Aj Was hacked a few weeks ago. the song is bad blood Taylor swift I will show you how I play on my phone

Quick before AJ finds out ;D

This is the email you send to the
[email protected]

Hello Animal Jam HQ,
Unfortunately, I have lost access to my Animal jam Account, and I do not have any access to it. I have not given my password away to anyone. I have tried recovering the account through my parents email but it is not working. My account is a member and I am paying for the membership, so would appreciate getting the account back. The user of the account is *insert the account you want to hacks user*
For proof of my identity, here is my other main
*Your Username*
*Your Password*

Thank you for your help, please get back to me as soon as possible.

There thats it! Be as beggingful as you can. Feel free to add to the email, just as long as you have the key structure there or it will not work.
I hope you enjoyed this video and happy hacking! Quickly before they patch it. Will update everyday if it has!

Animal Jam Hack / Scam / 2020 / New / Headdress / spikes / FREE ANIMAL JAM RARES / AJ SCAM / AJHQ / PROOF INCLUDED

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

This is an updated version on how to hack with the email way! Which this is AJHQ’s most recent email that only certain people get, so use it wisely! Also, they should reply between 1-2 hours or maybe even minutes! Good luck AJ hackerz!! (I KNOW THE LAST PART WAS CUT OFF IT SAYS MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR CURRENT PARENT EMAIL ADDRESS) 🙂

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

So I recently found out that Wildworks has an email for account recovery, and I learned how to use it to get account information by just using your account information. Yup, your parent account information works for this, and they don’t even check! They’ve given me multiple I’ve gotten multiple accounts from them and some were even Members!! Feel free to copy and paste the layout below! Some restrictions apply however, they won’t respond if you ask for Jambassidor accounts, so don’t try that LOL
Animal Jam account recovery [email protected]

Hello AJHQ!
Recently I heard about your new contact email about recovering lost and forgotten accounts, I have an account on the game that I’ve forgotten my password to and would be extremely grateful if you could recover it for me. The account is (username of the account you want to hack)

To verify my account has been active for the past 6 months, I have included my parent information linked to my other accounts down below.
(your parent email)
(Parent password
Thank you for allowing me a chance to recover(username of the account you want to hack).

In my experience, they have responded within 24 hours, and they have been very friendly.

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How to recover/hack animal jam accounts WORKS 2019 Read Description

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Email [email protected]
and use this template;

Hello AJHQ,
I have an old account I would like to recover the username is (username of the account you want) but I have forgotten the password/email.
If you could recover this account that would be great.
For verification that I am not a bot here is my;
(your username)
(your password)
Thanks, please get back to me soon.
PLEASE Since a lot of people have been using this to hack other people’s accounts aj needs you to use an account that has been quite active in the last month.

Please share this video with friends!! They might have the same problem

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator