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WOW! Animal Jam just released 100 NEW Exclusive Promo items!! These brand new Plushies can only be found in Happy Meals at McDonalds. Check out the video for more information!

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Try to get rare plushie on animal jam play wild 😅

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Giving the plushie away lol.

Woahhhhh, what’s this? Direwolf items having a rare tag? Has AJ gone insane? Is this a glitch? Find out the answers to your questions in this video! If you’ve got any more questions regarding this, comment below and I hope I’ll be able to answer them.
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Animal Jam How to get rare plushies

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I use CupcakesinaCandyShop’s den to get the plushies. Don’t forget- you can get A LOT of normal plushies from this claw. SO I suggest you go here when you want normal plushies, too, and you’ll get more than you would with an ordinary claw.
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