Rare Item Monday for March 11 2019 on Animal Jam Play Wild app

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In today’s video, I show all of Peck’s animations and actions in Play Wild, which you don’t regularly see in AJPW.
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Rare Clover Top Hat Rare Item Monday

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

The Rare Clover Top Hat is the Rare Item Monday for March6, 2017. It costs 1,000 gems, and is available in Jam Mart Clothing to members only.

I also highly recommend you play the seasonal adventure, Lucky Clovers. It’s pretty much common knowledge that you can get spikes in it, but in case you didn’t already know that… I can personally say that it’s a great way to build up your rares.

Want to play Animal Jam for yourself?
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If your read the description, you are special.
Insider No giveaway this time; sorry! I’m just too busy with finals at the moment, but (like I said in the video) I will try to get a couple of speed runs of Lucky Clovers compiled into a video of some sort.

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H- *clears Throat* Hello Today Im Showing You A Video I Heard In The Comments Some People Got Banned From Doing This Lets Watch It

1:29 Srsly? Wow, WOW dUDe

Notification Pops Oh Sorry

Near The Dont Do This
Even Rainbow Lemur Saw IT

Oki Lemme See, Byez!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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Hey Jammers, Typicalrocky here back with another
video. Hope you are all having an amazing day!

Today in this video, I get over 1,000 Sapphires for free!!

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Thumbnails made by Me. Images by Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Only one player will win and gain access the super rare secret shop on Animal Jam. Will it be you?

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😆 Animal Jam

Hey guys! It’s Izzy78_awesome here, and today, I will be showing you guys how to get a free membership on animal jam! This works 100%! I have personally tested it out and after I logged back in, I got membership! It only lasts for 30 days though! Anyways, peace out!


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Rare Item Generator~~~Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

I tested it with a nm account just incase it is a scam. I will comment below once I get the raspberry bow if I ever get it in 24 hours. I will look for more rare generators. Sorry, I spelt raspberry wrong in the “Dream Item”. Love661 as always!

Guys, the Generator is a hack! Do not use it at all!

So hey!!

Expect the Sucker mep soon!! I have received a lot of mep parts already and thank you for that ! Also, sorry there really wasn’t a normal upload last week, as in it was delayed. I delayed it till her bday and also so my Sucker mep was still my most recent so people could find it.

So, yeah!! Well I hope you enjoyed this video, I don’t see myself posting a video like this anytime soon. So this won’t happen again!!

Want a commission?? Comment and I will find a way to contact you!
Elmotreasure11 AJ

Elmo out!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Rare Item Monday for July 16 2018 on Animal Jam Play Wild app

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It’s easy to record your screen and livestream. Download

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

How to get rare on Animal Jam EASY AND FAST No generators/hacks April/May 2020

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


Hey guys! W!ld here! Today I’m teaching you a simple way to get free items. I recommend not going into your account until they email you. Link to get your
Information on Before you ask, you aren’t giving your information out to random people. Basically, a few months ago I got scammed out of my black long, then I emailed AJHQ. They gave me a link to get my items back; I got the black long within 3 days. I saved the link and continued using it every so often. They didn’t suspect anything because it is only given out to people they approve in email tickets. Once filled out, they will send you an email (The email you put in the form; your parent account email.) saying your items are in your account once the process is done. I recommend not going into your account for the time. Hope it works!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator