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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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Originated from someone in mine craft , inspired by (can’t pronounce sorry 😢) puffy puzzies

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If you want to hack Animal Jam, watching video and following tutorial.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

how to hack any jammer on animal jam play wild not clickbait

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

alright it is fake

In this video, I will be showing you some really cool ways in which you can get sapphires. This video isn’t intended only for beginners, but also for the old AJPW players!

Here is a summary of all the tips&
1) Jamaaliday gifts
The Token Collector
2) Treasure hunt
The Rare Item Collector
3) Games
4) Pet Expedition
Use it in my den!
5) Cavephantom
6) Sapphire potion
Join sapphire events!
7) Buy membership
Buy it from you get more sapphires and its cheaper!
8) Log on every day (if ur a member)
9) Level up!
Fastest way to level up (coming soon)
10) Watch ads in the sapphire shop (FORGOT TO MENTION IN VIDEO!). Go to the sapphire shop, then go right at the end and click on that blue chest. Watch the videos and u can get lots of sapphires!

Download the

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

I Became Newbie Jammer Animal Jam Play Wild

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

I just test! So many kind Jammers out there! I hope they will get good item :). Stay at home and stay safe everyone! (Seriosly i hope i get Spiked Wristband XD)

There are NO Sapphire Codes, the thumbnail was meant for the 150 Sapphire Giveaway however.
Animal Jam Play Wild New Codes Working May 2020 Thanks for watching! Be sure to like and subscribe for more new videos!. Animal Jam Play Wild Codes
Animal Jam Play Wild May Codes 2020

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator