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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

So yea sorry, I was dying the whole time and took like 6 times to record properly xD! But yea just avoid people like this. ^^ Thanks for watching.

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hello everyone! This video explains the active hacker/scammer going around! Their username is Disneyshows and his spare at the moment is Disneyshowws. Be aware of this jammer and LOCK your den and LOCK your jags. DO NOT buddy this jammer for whatever reason. Most who have been hacked were buddies with them. Let your buddies know of this jammer, and if you’re buddies with them, PLEASE unbuddy them for your own saftey, and your buddies! If you are sent a referal by them, or by anyone suspicious either move accounts, or trade all your items to a spare. Again, for your own saftey if you do feel targeted lock your accounts before you log off. Therefore, the hacker cannot easily enter your account. This will cause a boundary that he may not be able to cross. These are jammers that have been hacked by the hacker. This is NOT a joke or something to brush off. Jammers have been hacked. Please stay away from this jammer and play safe! Thank you.

My Pianoskycatz

Wolfbears & Toxinns (tox was attempted to be hacked, but wolfbears was)
(there are more jammers that will be added because I’m waiting for them to respond back to me in messages)

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

This New Hacker is Worse than Fman | Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

It’s not clickbait. A series of new hackers have gotten into Animal Jam and have been messing with the systems. Hopefully they don’t use their powers to hurt other players.

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Intro by bubblegumbee. Check out her other great videos at this

Hey guys and Welcome back to another animal jam video! This is stealing! Its good that animal jam came to there scenes because so many people would u this Animal Jam diamond glitch! I saw this glitch first hand and also by numerous amount of people!
free diamonds in animal jam! biggest cheat to get free diamonds! this is a cheat but you shouldn’t use it! Its patched lol! Did u spot winter joy aj in the background if you spotted winter joy in the background tell me in the comments section down below, be honest!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator