How to hack people on animal jam

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What to say and who to [email protected] (email them)

Dear AJHQ,
I have recently quit animal jam and forgot my email and password to my old (put account you wanna hack here). To prove I am not cheating the system, here is the account I am using right
MAIN ACCOUNT (put MAIN account here)
MAIN ACCOUNT (put main account password here)
Thank you so much!

they will ask for your parent email if you are a non member.


or email me user and password

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Animal Cove Hack – amazing and new Cheats Free Coins Android/iOS NEW

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Credits to anyone who wants it don’t steal my ideas hehe
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Animal Jam Play Wild Hack 2020 NO ROOT

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Okay guys!
Welcome back to Pink Ravager, today I’ll show yall how to hack AJWP (kinda tricky this time). Sorry I haven’t upload more, well I use data so lol.

Okay I’m sorry for not being able to record on how to install PARALLEL SPACE + SUPPORTERS but it’s okay. U could just read the steps from my video or from Game Guardian. I’m using “NO ROOT” method because my phone doesn’t allowed any ROOT.

Please don’t skip, and just watch the whole video so it will works! Thank you


Contact me on discord if u need any help!

In this week’s video i’m going to see if you get better prizes doing The Forgotten Dessert in a german server.

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How to hack Animal Jam ONLY

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Email [email protected] with your username and the person who you want to hacks username. They will gift the persons things to your account I did this and it happened in a couple days. If it doesn’t work I’m sorry they have a lot of people emailing them. Animal Jam ONLY!

Email any questions to my personal email [email protected] thank you!

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