How to recover/hack animal jam accounts WORKS 2019 Read Description

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Email [email protected]
and use this template;

Hello AJHQ,
I have an old account I would like to recover the username is (username of the account you want) but I have forgotten the password/email.
If you could recover this account that would be great.
For verification that I am not a bot here is my;
(your username)
(your password)
Thanks, please get back to me soon.
PLEASE Since a lot of people have been using this to hack other people’s accounts aj needs you to use an account that has been quite active in the last month.

Please share this video with friends!! They might have the same problem

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Free generator animal jam 2020 | Read description |

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

hi there!
i am not revealing my username so i am protected from being banned.
this method is really quick and easy! 😀
| This account must be used often, otherwise it becomes very hard for them to generate the items as they told me! use your main account or a spare that you use alot! |

Hi you guys! I will update you when the items are there, or if I got hacked on my spare! So please be patient this might take a few days, if this website hacks me I’ll be exposing this on youtube and I beg you if I do expose this, please share it to friends that you know plays ajpw, even on Instagram, Snapchat, messages, messageskids, whatever! You must share it to warn others not to use this, I’d rather you guys not doing this, since it could possibly be a hack. Never trust generators online.. its to dangerous! I’ve dicided to do this since @bubblepuppiezz did this, go check out her youtube! Thanks for reading! Make sure you subcribe for more, and like this video to encourage me to make more video! Comment below your video ideas to me! I’d love to do some of them… slrrythat I haven’t been posting much! I’ve been busy lately… ok thanks!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

animal jam live SPIKE giveaway every 10 read description for more also mailtime

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

im doing a spike giveaway every 10 subs and a long collar at 1k. to enter my giveaways like and subscribe and active in the chat and i will add you!


dont spam do not beg dont advertise for others including your self dont be sassy with me or my mods do not ask to spin again

do not use CAPS i will come at you my user to buddy me is funnymadison12.
:gift me, but no gift backs

:trade me, but no trade backs.

want to make fan art go ahead

if you leave my stream because your on the wheel you will be removed.

have fun thats all me and my team wants

dont ask to be on wheel
simply say then put your user down.
enjoy my stream funnies!!

also any gift i get i will open

also any trades i get will be either for future giveaways or something better!!

hope you all have fun!!

if you would like to be a mod please know you must be subscribed for more than 24 hours
must be at most of my streams
must be positive and stay active
also if someone have a question to help them out
advertise for the stream make sure people like and subscribe!!

also no advertising from other streams that will be a remove from my streams
also dont start drama or fights i will not be a mom to anyone i dont wanna have to watch you all just deal with it its a game!!

please note if i am afk or gone for a little make sure people know if they are new coming to the stream!!

another great thing would be to act as a fan it would get people to notice more and look me up more!! no more acting like buddiessss jk

also go check out my other vids i have posted thank you and enjoy!!

ps side note help to get 1k by staying subscribe

also help me get famous in aj!!!

if you would like me to dress your animal please let me know. other account 12madisonfunny

if you want autos let me know i forgot to say!!

if you have a spare account dont try to add that to the wheel you will be removed

also please put users down so chip can write them down so its easier for future streams!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator