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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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I unreleased ajpw items
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wo double upload Jeff kaale

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What I record with→nothing I don’t need a screen recorder for iOS cause there’s one built in

I edit my videos with→ inshot, capcut and I movie

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I forgot

What I edit with
InShot I movie
I don’t use a screen recorder app I use the screen recorder built into my iPad if your iOS you don’t need to download screen recorders unless it lets you livestream

Idk if anyone else has done this?

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wo double upload musi

I use to edit my thumbnails→ibis paint x
clip art credits→animal jam archives
instagram\ @lovesloveless_aj
What I record with→nothing I don’t need a screen recorder for iOS cause there’s one built in

I edit my videos with→ inshot, capcut and I movie

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

How to Animal Jam Hack 😅 2019 Unlimited Gems and Sapphires Android/iOS #AnimalJam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

animal jam hack
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

uwu this will work on pc and pw!
animal jams new email; [email protected]

OKAY based on experience MOST OF THESE GENERATORS ARE FAKE, I’m not sure if there are real generators out there but most of them are likely to steal your items once you entered in your email and password so better be safe than sorry :3

Also this video shows proper way to get sapphires

This video is not to offend anyone so please dont take my jokes seriously ;-;

Also my brother lost my earphones, so I took his, and the microphone is annoying to handle thats why you can hear me BREATHING into my microphone XD


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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator