Animal Jam Play Wild Free Sapphires & GemsiOs and Android Hack 2020 Cheats Short Gameplay Review

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Generator WORKING 2020

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hello jammers!

Before we start, we’d like to take the time to thank you for choosing us as your Animal Jam Generator service.

After 5 months of beta testing with hundreds of Animal Jam volunteers, we have decided to finally release our generator for public use.

The tool we have created took us a very long time and we are happy to finally announce that it is working as of 2020!

– This generator can give you items, membership, pets, gems, and diamonds.
– We do need your main account and its password (please read the Q&A if you want more information).
– This has been tested and proven to work (thank you to our beta testers).
– We are a group of over 50 staff members.
– Responses can take up to 48 hours depending on our level of business.
– You can trust us.

To get

Go to this

You can make a copy of the document and share it with us at [email protected] or you can just copy the format below and send it to us via email at [email protected]


Animal Jam Username (MAIN ACCOUNT): (Enter Username Here)

Animal Jam Password (MAIN ACCOUNT): (Enter Password Here, We Need This To Transfer The Items To Your Account When We Enter Your Account Info Into The Generator)

Items, Membership, Gems Or Diamonds To Generate?:

Which Items, MAX 10 (delete this question if you chose something else)?:

How Many Diamonds, MAX 100 (delete this question if you chose something else)?:

How much membership, MAX 12 MONTHS (delete this if you chose something else)?:

How many gems, MAX 100,000 (delete this if you chose something else)?:

if you want a pet, it counts as an item.

Email us at [email protected] with the format and your answers to it (fill in the questions to the format).
Wait for us to reply! 🙂

Q&A – Please

Why do you need my password? – We understand that giving out private account information such as your password can be very scary. There are a number of reasons why we need it to generate items, however. The main reason is because we can’t generate items without all of the information to your account. If we do not have your password, we don’t have all of your account information and we need to have that information in order to generate your request. We hope that you understand!

Why do you need my main account? – To put it simply, we need your main account to generate items because our generator functions based on the activity of your account. If you give us an account on an IP where there’s multiple accounts and one of them is more active than the other, putting in the inactive account will not work. It’ll come up as an error message on our side and we’ll then ask you for your main account. If you lie and say that the account you gave us is your main, we’ll have to deny your request in order to save both of our time. We tried to construct a method where you don’t need to input your main account but it has, unfortunately, proven to be impossible. We hope that you can trust us with your account in order to get the requested items onto your account.

We will be able to tell if the account you give us is your main or not (since there will be an error message when we put in your information), so it’s better to tell the truth from the get-go!

What things can I get with this generator? – The things in game that you can receive with this include items (ie. rares, clothing items, den items, things you wear, etc), pets, membership, diamonds, and gems.

What things can I not get with this generator? – You can currently not get glitched items with this generator. We are working on a way to change this. We are close, so this should change soon.

Why can I only request a certain number of items at once? – We have a quantity limit for each thing that you can request because we are helping a lot of players and we don’t want to crash our service. If we input too many items, our service will crash and we will have to boot it up again (which can take hours depending on how many people we’re helping).

Will you log into my account? – No, we will not log into your account as that is against our policies. We just need your password to fill out the information in our generator.

Are the items real? – Yes! The items are real. Each thing you request has a certain code to it that we can put into the generator and it will be placed onto your account.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at [email protected].com or leave a comment below.

Thank you!

We are not affiliated with Animal Jam or WildWorks, just a group of dedicated players who have carefully constructed a way to get rares, gems, pets, and diamonds the easy way.

Get any item for FREE including spikes!


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

This is what to

Hello AJHQ,

I am emailing this to you because I have recently found out my account (Account you want to hack) was hacked.
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email back to what it was before, (Parent email) and provide me with the password to the account. As soon
as I can get the information back for my account, I will update the password so the hacker can’t log in anymore.
To prove I am not trying to take someone’s account, I have a spare account that has been active for over thirty
days. The Username to this account is (You spare account’s name) and the password is (Spare account’s password)
Please reply as quickly as possible! I hope the hacker does not take my hard- earned items and run.

Thank you so much, AJHQ!

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Hack ✅ How To Hack Animal Jam On iOS + Android MOD APK 2020

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal Jam Hack ✅ How To Hack Animal Jam On iOS + Android MOD APK 2020

Howdy guys, today I will be showing you How to install this Animal Jam hack completely for free. It’s very easy to do and once you have got it you will not need to install it again as you will have it forever. I will show the exact process of how to get Animal Jam hack on your device.

Thank you for watching everyone. Your feedback helps me to make more videos as we go forward. Leave a subscribe if you wanna see more Animal Jam hack videos in the future. See you all later.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator