OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

This is HOW to get FREE DIAMONDS in animal jam 2020 and you can do it completely withOUT doing any glitches or generators.

Hey guys, just me this time, in this video check out my favorite gem making games! And also be on the look out for Sandhu following me around!!! I also review the diamond shop in this video! And check out the intro! Thanks for watching! Oh yeah, and sorry for the random blackout on some parts of the video.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Hello! I’m The Offical Animal Jam Item Giver! Just Tell Me Your UserName And PassWord And I Can Get You Spikes, Founders, Betas, 6 Month Membership, Almost Everything! Things i can’t 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP, 100 DIAMONDS (limit 10 DIAMONDS) 1000.000 Gems (limit 3000 GEMS) If you dont feel safe giving me your information feel free to use a backup! my generator works on animal jam accounts 5 weeks+ i hope you all get the items you want! and remember to stay off the account for about 10-15 minutes while the code generates i dont want it to glitch and ruin your account!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Animal jam // Item generator // WORKS 2016

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

To get the items you have to email [email protected] I do not own the email.

Have fun with your rares 🙂

Hey guys Its me shoobyjam AJ and today I will be showing you
guys how to get 1 million DIAMONDS thats right 1 million DIAMONDS

Songs used :

Intro and outro : expectro patrnum by Goblins from Mars
(trap remix)

Background 2020 by jeff kale

I do not own the music and all rights goes to respected owner

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator