Scamming my best friends rarest items | ajpw scamming

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Today in animal I scammed my friends rarest items!

Happy April fools!! 😏
Let me know in the comments if I tricked you! 👇

🧸Video How You Like That- BLACKPINK
⭐️Intro made by newjammer10898 (ItzIcy)
🧸Intro Forever Young- BLACKPINK
⭐️Outro made by Loveava (Fluffy DJ)
🧸Outro Delicate- Taylor Swift

⭐️newjammer10898 (ItzIcy):
🧸Loveava (Fluffy DJ):
⭐️Wengie Music

🏠Credit to wolfberry66 (- I c ø n -) for acting!

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator