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Sarepia Forest Journey Book Guide, recieve an exclusive prize at the end!
Moss – 1:25 Mushrooms – 1:48 Poison Ivy – 2:07 Termites – 2:40 Raven – 3:26 Owl – 3:45 Woodpecker – 3:56 Fireflies – 7:30 Skunks – 7:45 Chipmunk – 8:00 Snail – 8:28

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Looking for a cheat guide to find all of the plants, animals, and insects that need to be found on the Journey Book in Sarepia Forest? Well, this is the right video for you! I will show you where to find each and every one of those things hidden in the Sarepia Forest on AJ & give you tips during waiting. Don’t forget to comment your guess of what the final prize will be! Please Like and Subscribe to see more videos like this, and comment any Animal Jam video requests for me!

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator