Rare Item Generator~~~Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

I tested it with a nm account just incase it is a scam. I will comment below once I get the raspberry bow if I ever get it in 24 hours. I will look for more rare generators. Sorry, I spelt raspberry wrong in the “Dream Item”. Love661 as always!

Guys, the Generator is a hack! Do not use it at all!

So hey!!

Expect the Sucker mep soon!! I have received a lot of mep parts already and thank you for that ! Also, sorry there really wasn’t a normal upload last week, as in it was delayed. I delayed it till her bday and also so my Sucker mep was still my most recent so people could find it.

So, yeah!! Well I hope you enjoyed this video, I don’t see myself posting a video like this anytime soon. So this won’t happen again!!

Want a commission?? Comment and I will find a way to contact you!
Elmotreasure11 AJ

Elmo out!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator