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10/10 titles
Apparently AJHQ messed up on the update, and now there’s a castle den and Best Dressed and some other stuff

I just love the tigers so much! The sit needs a bit of work though x’D I’m was surprised to see that this was for money, since the tigers on Animal Jam are non member. But it kind of evens out since you get to keep everything you buy on Play Wild forever, unlike Animal Jam’s membership
Coming out for Android VERY soon! I don’t know why the wait is so long, but at least you have something to look forward to I suppose


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What animal would you like to see in Play Wild next?


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I do not own any extra content used in this video. The song used in the intro is “Feel good Inc.” by Gorillaz, the song used in the outro is “Move Forward”. The game is National Geographic’s Animal Jam. (By WildWorks Inc.)
The intro used in this video is made by Dream Jamaa (on YouTube) and the outro was animated by Kunaininja AJ (On YouTube)

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator