New MAGENTA ITEMS Found on Animal Jam Classic Cupid Wings Glitched Ring & More

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

In today’s video, I discuss the three new magenta items discovered on AJC.
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▶ Thanks to MrRyerson for informing me about this!

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Loftie’s channel, please subscribe her for telling me about this hack! I would have been hacked if it wasn’t for her!

I find this quite sad… such greedy players, willing to take something someone else has worked so hard for. Have you ever considered hacking? Well don’t it isn’t worth it, whose going to be your friend when they figure out you’re a greedy hacker? Nobody that’s right. Believe it or not, animal jam isn’t all 100% about rares guys, in the 6 years, i have been playing I would still choose friends over rares any day. Yes, I may be rare but it is WAY more fun working for it yourself and having your friends cheer you on along the way than it is scamming and being hated by everyone

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator