My Wild Pet Online Animal Rescue Cat Android / iOS Gameplay Part 4

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My Wild Pet – Online Animal Rescue 3D By Foxie Games
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Download My Wild Online Animal On Android : (Free)

Download My Wild Pet – Online Animal Rescue 3D On iPhone / iPad and iPod touch : (Free)

Description : My Wild Online Animal By Foxie Games
KOKO the baby Zebra has been kidnapped! Embark on a multiplayer voyage to rescue a wild lion, tiger, wolf and other zoo animals in this adventure simulator game. Jam on, you’re a star! Once you rescue them, they are all yours to role play with & adopt – your very own secret wild pets!
RESCUE LOTS OF CUTE Rescue and role play as a wolf, lion, zebra, bear, cheetah, fox, eagle or even a saber tooth tiger! Also discover and adopt rare animals you will fall in love with – just play this fun simulator game and see! There is even a cat and a dog for you to rescue!
EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL 3D Explore the secrets of Wonder Springs, filled with secret areas and hiding spots! Wonder through the Jungle, Desert and If you’re brave enough, take your wild pet into the winter wonderland and explore the snow capped mountains with your online friends!
MEET FRIENDS & You can even gossip to your online friends in chat as you role play!
JOIN AN Level up your animal by completing fun missions that bring you closer to rescuing baby Zebra Koko. Hunt for food, find a missing cat and dog, feed the animals, and find a way to release them from their cage!
PERSONALIZE AND Choose a name that shouts out what you are all about, and then choose cool effects for your pet!
Foxie Games are planning lots of stable updates to make the game even more fun. The world will get even bigger and there will be lots more animals to rescue, adopt and role play with!
PLAY FOR FREE! You can play through the whole game without paying any real money! However, like all our games, My Wild Pet is free to play, but it contains upgrades that can be purchased for real money.


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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator