MSCW Startup Series with Alan Fitzgerald of CashStar

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

We sat down with members of Portland’s startup, innovation & creative community to find out what they thought about MSCW & what it means to our community as well as their work.

THIS is what Alan Fitzgerald of CashStar had to say… Stay tuned for additional ‪#‎MSCWStartupSeries‬ videos. ‪#‎MSCW2015‬

In this AJ Skit, Daisy decides to make a Jamaaliday Party! She invites all her friends, Minty, Hazel and her plushies, Dove, Rosy, Joy, and Sky! It will be the best Jamaalidays Ever! Or… will it? I hope you enjoy! Happy Jamaalidays! Stay Cool! ~ Maze


OPEN - Animal Jam Generator