MacVoices #15171 Jason Wudi on How JAMF’s Casper Suite Is Ready for iOS 9

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Jason Wudi, the Chief Technology Officer for JAMF Software talks about how their Casper Suite is ready on Day 1 of iOS 9 availability to help IT professionals deploy apps and protect corporate assets in an enterprise or large educational institution setting. With Casper, it doesn’t matter if a user has a company iPhone or iPad, or if they are in the Bring-Your-Own-Device camp. They can still have the best of both worlds if their employer is using Casper. Jason talks about Apple’s often un-sung efforts in the enterprise market and their part in helping users enjoy the benefits of a new iOS as soon as they can download it.

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Jason Wudi serves as the chief technology officer of JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management. For the last eight years, Jason has been an integral part of JAMF Software, which helps over 5,000 customers across commercial, education and government verticals manage more than 4.5 million Apple devices. Prior to his role as CTO at JAMF Software, Jason held the positions of director of services and support and chief cultural officer. He previously spent seven years in the information systems services department of the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Jason has been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, ITworld, CIO, Computerworld, Macworld, NetworkWorld, and IT Business Edge. He is an experienced speaker who has spoken at JAMF Software’s annual user conference, JAMF Nation User Conference.

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Date of stream 28 Sep 2021.
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