Lost My Headdress & Alpha Sword on Animal Jam! Not clickbait ?

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You may have noticed that my Headdress & Alpha Sword have both disappeared on Animal Jam. I explain it in this video and then we come up with a sweet look for the New Rare Dizzy Stars!!!

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MEAN JAMMERS - Mean Girls References in Animal Jam!

Hey guys! I worked really hard on this video so I hope you enjoy it. Quoting Mean Girls is a full-time job for some, and kind of a universal language, so I thought I’d try make an Animal Jam version. 😛

I’m not used to making skits – this was my first try, so please let me know what you think down below 🙂

Thank you so much for watching! I’m so grateful for you all!
Stay wonderful and jam on!
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator