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Little Animal Park Online Gameplay First Look. (Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad)

Take to the lands of the Animal Guardians, explore the scenery and discover animals. Interact with the animals by feeding, washing and loving them. Once you’ve collected enough gems for the animal, you can even become that animal! Free all of the animals in the level and the Dragon Guardian will return to protect them. Unlock all of the dragon guardians and gain access to the utopia for the dragons, the dragon’s sanctuary!

Great for kids and children aged 5+ (though may need some guidance from parents initially at the younger ages). Not just a game for children though, there’s fun for all ages, including adults!

It’s possible for babies and toddlers to play (with parent assistance), the beautiful landscapes, scenes and animals will leave you baby or toddler in awe and amazement! There is also the option of a screen lock (which uses screen pinning on android 5+), so your children won’t accidentally quit the game by pressing the device buttons.

• Access 6 beautifully crafted levels to play and discover
– Enchanted Forest
– Ice Fortress
– Desert Wasteland
– Mayan Jungle
– Paradise Island
– Guardian Sanctuary
• 55 cute animals and dragons to unlock and play with
• Immersive ambient music and sound effects
• Easy movement system, just tap the ground and automatically navigate to that location
• Unique animations for all animals and dragons, walk, run, jump and swim to new locations
• Intuitive camera control (pinch to zoom, touch and move your finger to rotate around your chosen animal)
• Screen lock (Screen pinning presents children from accidentally exiting the game, android 5+ only)
• Reduced graphics option for lower performing devices
• Animal interactions including, washing, feeding, sit, love and control the animal
• Unlock interactions by collecting gems and giving them to animals
• Collect gems by interacting with the animals or by exploring the levels
• Unique and colorful effects
• Collect potions to gain speed boost and unlock additional effects

Let us know your thoughts, suggestions or any issues that you’re [email protected]


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