OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Sadly early 2020 they patched beta jags. It was fun while it lasted. But they forgot something…

Hello my sweet PomPoms!
?}I just started my youtube channel! I would be happy if you give me a like and subscribe! ?

STEPS FOR THE HACK TO SUCCEED (you must follow everything exactly!)
?} e-mail ! [email protected] !??
?} in the mail, you write something like
Dear Animal Jam,
I’ve recently returned to Animal Jam-Play Wild! And I’m experiencing some issues. Because I have been away for a long time, I forgot my password to the account named (insert jammer’s username who you want to hack). I would be very happy if you could somehow return it or let me change its password.

The last couple of days I’ve been using a spare account. The spare accounts name is (insert your actual username) and to prove, that this account is really mine, this is my password (insert your password)

– Fellow Animal Jam Jammer
?} If they don’t respond quickly, give them some TIME (it usually takes around an hour or a day)
?} The password MUST be your actual animal jam password
?} Using a completely new account WON’T work, so be sure your account is level 20 or higher. (Because they have a security system)
?}lastly, be POLITE, we all know how important it is! ?(i’ve tried it when i hacked my scammer, it worked brilliantly!)
?PomPom out!?
Jungkook-Euphoria (piano cover)

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator