Jamaalidays Mystery Gifter Animal Jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

Join the Mystery Gifter as we spread Jamaaliday cheer and sneakily tour dens in Animal Jam! All dens highlighted will receive an Epic Den Plaque! Have a den you think we should visit? Nominate in the comments below!

In this video i showed u how to get a free joey in animal jam.
U dont have to download anything!

SO all u do is email me ur password and username and i will log in to ur account in AJ Jump, like i showed in the video. This is not scam. If u dont have email make one or too bad.

My Email is [email protected]

Im also offering free items, like rare spikes, neon bows, founder, and other den betas. This offer only lasts while supply lasts. This is my storage, tell me what u want with the email.

Mech helmet (x3)
Founder (x1)
Rare Spikes (x16)
Cami Frog (x2)
Black worns and Top hat (x13).

Email me at [email protected]

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator