Is Fman122 real?! (My thoughts on Fman)

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This is just my opinion, so please don’t get mad at me xD. Personally I don’t really believe in Fman122, but then again I’ve never been hacked before either.

My friend’s video with the present glitch –

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I do not own any extra content used in this video. The song used in the intro is Feel good Inc. by Gorillaz, the song used in the outro is Kids In The Street by All-American Rejects. The game is National Geographic’s Animal Jam. (By Smartbomb Interactive)
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devicebackup is a username a username that belongs to fman122.. he was banned and thank jamaa that happened.. but we may seem peaceful trading.. PARTYING! but fman122 is BACK TO HACK… as devicebackup
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator