If The Alphas Were Evil – Animal Jam Skit

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I like to make skits, so I decided to make this short Animal Jam skit about what would happen if the AJ Alphas became evil! I wanted to show some of the bad sides of AJ (including scammers, hackers, hacks, rude trolling, stealing, etc). Hope you enjoyed! Subscribe for more skits to come!
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I do NOT support scamming, hacking, or anything shown in the video! This video was for entertainment only and to show awareness of different things in Animal Jam! Do not scam, hack, steal, be rude, or do anything that is against AJ Rules (or can hurt another Jammer).

I didn’t see this skit anywhere else (trust me, I looked before I made it just in case someone else came up with the idea) and so this is an original idea. Please ask me before referencing!

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Outro Music? Ben Beal – Smile (Prod. nohidea) ft. Sophie Meiers (lyric warning)

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