I found a way to hack in animal jam 2020

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This is who you contact ([email protected]) Fill in the sentences with the ( ) around them.

I recently was hacked a few days ago. I got this email after being verified from AJHQ. They told me that you could retrieve my account.

When I tried to log into my account “Account that you want to hack”, i realized that my password was no longer working and that my emails had been changed.

I tried to recover my password with my mom but she had forgotten the password and email to the parent dashboard.

I also have another account. The name to this account is “( In here you put your username)” and to prove that i am the owner, the password to the account is “(in here you put your password)”.

The parent email to the account is (in here you put parent email) and the password to the parent email is (in here you put the password to the parent email)

Thank you Animal Jam!

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator