How to recover/hack animal jam accounts WORKS 2019 (Read Description)

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Email [email protected]
and use this template;

Hello AJHQ,
I have an old account I would like to recover the username is (username of the account you want) but I have forgotten the password/email.
If you could recover this account that would be great.
For verification that I am not a bot here is my;
username: (your username)
password: (your password)
Thanks, please get back to me soon.
PLEASE NOTE: Since a lot of people have been using this to hack other people’s accounts aj needs you to use an account that has been quite active in the last month.

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Hack any account you desire!
Just email this down below to [email protected]
It works wonders, they are fast at replying and give you the password to any account!

Write this to [email protected]: Hello Animal Jam HQ, my (daughter/son) forgot their password on their main account, (The account username you would like to hack)! And they are using a spare account right now, (username of your main account you are using because aj knows if its just a spare) and the password is ( password to your main account). Please send the password for (account you want to hack) as soon as possible! Thank you so much
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator