How to hack With proof Ajpw

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Hey guys so here is what you will have to

Hello AJHQ, recently I got hacked ( Or you can say you forgot your password ) And I don’t know my password to my account ( person you want to hack ). If you could tell me the password to my account that would help me so much. To prove I’m not cheating the aj system, The spare account I’ve been using is ( Main account username ) amd the password is ( Main account password ) Hope to hear from you soon!

Btw your “spare” has to be at least 2 months old for this to work. And i also changed my password before I posted this video so don’t hack meh XD ?? Hope this helped 😀

Hey guys welcome back to another video in todays video ita yes how to hack anybody’s account with proof. And yes I might get a lot of people saying so what you scam. Well like I said in the video this was when I was an innocent hammer. So ya that’s why I hacked him Any ways here are the steps on how to hack any account!

1). Go to gmail and send an email to this [email protected]
2) Write them this Dear AJHQ, I have recently quit AJ and wanted to rejoin. The username is (insert username you want to hack here), but when I tried to log in, I could not remember the password or email. If you could tell me the password to the account, it would help a lot. Just to show you I’m not cheating the system, Here is an account I have ( Main Account Username) Password ( Main Account Password)
3). Wait a day or two it’s usaly takes then about 24 to 48 hrs to respond.
4). And you have got someone’s password WHALA!

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