How to hack on Animal Jam – Play Wild!

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How to hack on Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Hewo guyyyys! Ill show you here how to hack on AJPW
So, email [email protected]

Write this, or close to this.

Dear Animal Jam HQ,

Today I got hacked and someone took over my account, and I can’t log in because I forgot my password, and can’t change it, I forgot the

email linked to it!! Can I have the password of ( account you want to hack ). My current account is ( your account ) and to prove it’s nobody

else’s, here’s the password. (Password 😛 ).

Thx for watching 😀
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HACKING MY FRIEND IN ANIMAL JAM PLAY WILD (its a joke guys read description)

Plz dont hack or scam in animal jam
you know its bad dont do it
just ask ur mom to buy u some
sapphires m8 just plz
btw dis whole vid was just a joke ok -_-

i had like 10 subs and now i have
4 like wat happend???
anyway enjoy :3
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator