HOW TO HACK IN ANIMAL JAM WORKING 2020 #animaljamhacks

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Hello! This is a remake of my first video because people were wondering if it still works/is it patched? Yes, it still works, and no its not patched. In this video, ill be showing you how to hack ANY animal jam account. I did this myself with my main… AND IT WORKED :O I was hesitant to use my main, as most would be too, but oh well nothing has happened.

I didn’t find it first. Sassygirl123456789 Aj did.

[email protected]

What to
Dear Animal Jam HQ,
My account (username of who you want to hack) recently got hacked. I tried getting on the account but it said the password was changed. I told my Dad what happened but he couldn’t get on his parent account. It said the password or email for it was changed also. My other account is (your main account user) and its password is (your main account pass). I hope you can recover my account because I had a lot of good items on the account (username of who you said you wanted to hack earlier).
(your main account user)

Sassy’s ORIGINAL Hacking

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator