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Hello AJHQ,

I am emailing this to you because I have recently found out my account (Account you want to hack) was hacked.
Everything for my account was changed, from my password to parent email. I logged on to one of my other
accounts, and it seems as though the hacker has kept my rares on the account and is using it as one of their
accounts now. Hopefully you can help me get the information on my account back! Please place my parent
email back to what it was before, (Parent email) and provide me with the password to the account. As soon
as I can get the information back for my account, I will update the password so the hacker can’t log in anymore.
To prove I am not trying to take someone’s account, I have a spare account that has been active for over thirty
days. The Username to this account is (You spare account’s name) and the password is (Spare account’s password)
Please reply as quickly as possible! I hope the hacker does not take my hard- earned items and run.

Thank you so much, AJHQ!

Beginner here!, hope you like my first video.
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Thank you!

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator