How to hack anyone on Animal Jam WORKING 2020

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First, you will need to send an email [email protected]

Your email should look similar to

Hello AJHQ, I am contacting you regarding my account. You see, I’ve recently gotten back into playing Animal Jam again, but the problem is that I have forgotten my password and parent email for my old account. However, I still remember the username (add person’s user here) Just so you’re aware that I am being 100% honest,¬† I have a spare account with the username (add main account user) and my spare account’s password (add main account pass) Thank you, sorry for the trouble.

(Make sure that your making it believable enough so that they’ll respond to your email)

They should respond eventually, but it might take some time depending on how busy they are.

Keep in mind that if you don’t include everything needed in the email, it most likely will not work. Trust me, I’ve tried ;-;

You’re doing to want to make sure that the main account username you put in the email is accurate. This is so AJHQ knows that you’re not lying to them, and so they know your being honest about the situation.

And that’s it! Thank you for watching!





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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator