How to hack ANYONE in Animal JamPlay Wild

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Hello. Everyone! This is a super easy and quick process. All you need to do is email this woman that works for AJHQ. Her email [email protected]
Here’s what you need to

Hey, AJHQ!
My child has been a dedicated Animal Jam-Play Wild player for a while. However, he/she has been forced to delete the game due to personal reasons which shall not be stated. His/her old account **the account you want to hack**

An account you can use to verify him/her as a player
**enter the username to your MAIN account**
**enter the password to your MAIN account**

It would be greatly appreciated if the said information can be recovered. Thank you!

(It may take a day or two for her to reply but if she doesn’t reply, I am truly sorry.)

Thanks for watching!


send this to ajhq

Dear AJHQ,
I stopped playing AJPW a long time ago… I just recently tried to get on AJPW again, I noticed that my password wasn’t working! I tried multiple times and it still didn’t work. I’m scared and I really just want my account back! My account name (account you wanna hack lol)

I hope you can help me! But just to make sure I’m a real jammer and not a hacker, I will give you my spare accounts name and password.

(type in your main accounts user)
(type in your main accounts pass) HAS TO BE REAL PASS OR THEY WILL THINK YOUR HACKING

Thank you for your time,

(your name)

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