How to hack anyone in Animal Jam/Playwild*2020*

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Hello everyone! I have found a method to hack someone in Animal Jam and it worked for me! I hope it works for you too!

You just need to send a mail

Here’s a template that I

Hello AJHQ!

My account (Insert the person you wanna hack) was been hacked and I cannot access to the Password and Parent’s Email since it was been changed. I have a second account that gives proof that I have been playing for more than 1 year, It is (Insert your Main username). My Parent’s Email is (Insert your parents email) and the password for it is (Insert your Password so AJHQ can verify that you’ve been playing for alot of time). That’s all that I can say. I hope you can help me get my account back! Thank you so much!

AJHQ won’t believe you if you are using your spare account.

It can take a few hours or days for AJHQ to respond, so be patient!

I wish you a good luck again!
Have a nice day/night!

I just thought that i would paint a Quick random photo on aj for no reason.ENJOY!!!!!!

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