How to hack ANYONE in Animal Jam-Play Wild!

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Hello. Everyone! This is a super easy and quick process. All you need to do is email this woman that works for AJHQ. Her email is: [email protected]
Here’s what you need to say:

Hey, AJHQ!
My child has been a dedicated Animal Jam-Play Wild player for a while. However, he/she has been forced to delete the game due to personal reasons which shall not be stated. His/her old account is: **the account you want to hack**

An account you can use to verify him/her as a player is:
Username: **enter the username to your MAIN account**
Password: **enter the password to your MAIN account**

It would be greatly appreciated if the said information can be recovered. Thank you!

(It may take a day or two for her to reply but if she doesn’t reply, I am truly sorry.)

Thanks for watching!
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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator