How to hack any Animal Jam Accounts 100% works 2021

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Hey guys! This is how you hack in Animal Jam Classic, I actually use a different email to hack my scammer, did you know that there’s a Data Breach in Animal Jam?? So yesh and I want to help you guys how to hack in Animal Jam Classic! To get your items back from Scammers, hackers or your old account!
Here is the email!
[email protected]

Hey AJHQ! I recently lost my account days ago sadly, the Username was ( the user you want to hack). I lost some items in my account, all of my items! If you could help me that would be appreciated! For verification I have some accounts I use cause my 1st account got hacked.
(Your Main account’s user)
(Your Main account’s pass)
Parent tool (Your email that is attached of your username)
Parent tool (Your Parent tool password email)
-Thank you very much! (Your name)
If you send your spare account they will know that your lying, that the account is alternative, make sure you send your main!
Also your account needs to be 5 months old.

(If your a nonmember they won’t respond that fast)
(If your a member they can respond fast in hours and stuff)

This music is when you get Animal Jam Membership.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator