OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

uwu this will work on pc and pw!
animal jams new email; [email protected]

The email you are sending this to [email protected]

Hello AJHQ,

Recently I tried to log into a spare account of mine, (*user of account you want to hack*), however it said that the password was incorrect, which it wasn’t. I tried to reset the password but it said that the parent email wasn’t correct. The parent email to that account should’ve been the one I’m emailing you from now (*Your Email and Email Password [optional]*). My main account is (*user of your main*) and my current password is (*your current password*) to prove my authenticity. I think that my spare account may have gotten hacked. Could you possibly transfer the (*user of account you want to hack*) to my parent dashboard and give me a temporary password until I can change it again? Thank you so much.

You can also use your Email and its password to even TRANSFER the account your “Recovering” C O U G H hacking- to give AJHQ more proof its really your account and that your transferring it to a new email.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator