How to hack animal jam

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator

It is a little hard to hold a tablet for 6 minutes lolz. Stop at 4:36 but if you want to see something extra watch the whole video.Thx for watching. When I get 13 subscribers I am doing an animal jam giveaway. So please tell your friends about me.Subscribe or comment Thx!!


Dear Animal Jam,

I have played Animal Jam on puffin, then, after I tried logging into my account ( USERNAME YOU WANT TO HACK) on my computer, and the same password, it said “The password does not match our records” I tried typing it in like 5 other times, with it still not working! I tried resetting the password with my email but could not! Please reset the password to (PASSWORD YOU WANT) and switch the email to (MAIN EMAIL). The password is (MAIN EMAIL PASSWORD). 



OPEN - Animal Jam Generator