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I am posting this off of my main because I don’t want to get attacked for hacking. I know that it is bad, but I use it majorly for taking back anything that was scammed off me and if you are comfortable with it, I hope you can use this to do the same, or to just get an item that you dream of.

When writing your email, I would suggest that you choose someone to hack of a high enough level, say 25-30 but not anyone too good as that could be suspicious. do not attempt this with any famous or popular AJ Youtubers. IT WILL NOT WORK

Another tip is to be a formal and polite as possible. Don’t make it too obvious that you are trying to hack into someone’s account. In my experience, you must include an account that you have had for at least a year. If you are getting hacking someone of a high level, it is most likely that they will have been around for that time if not longer. The older your account is, the more likely this will work and from what I have been trying, you can not do this with a brand new account. I did this on my main and it tends to work each time. I wouldn’t recommend doing this too frequently though.

HERE IS A TEMPLATE FOR AN ACCOUNT RECOVERY REQUEST you can copy this into a new email and message it to the official help centre [email protected]

Dear AJHQ, recently I decided that I wanted to get back onto Play Wild after deleting the game and not playing for a while. Now that I am back though, I am having difficulty logging in. I have lost track of the password to my account. The username for it was (Username of the person you’re hacking) and I would really appreciate it if you could help me retrieve my details. As proof of this account being my own, I have included the details to my old spare below.
(Your User)
(Your Password)

Please respond soon, thank you for your help.

– reason as to how ‘your login details’ got lost
– that you’re password is missing
– the username of the person you intend to hack
– polite and formal language
– proof of account ownership (a ‘spare’ account)
– the official email, listed above

Good luck in your hacking guys. I wish you the best, and please be careful. If you like this, I would really appreciate it if you would like and/or subscribe to my channel. I may post more tips on hacking accounts

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator