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Hey guys! 2 1. PLEASE do not leave hate because you don’t approve of it, it’s only intended to hack scammers.
2. ONLY hack scammers please!
Make sure to change around the script a bit, and only use your main account. Animal Jam won’t believe you if you copy this script exactly, so PLEASE change it up.
Step One-
To- [email protected]
Subject-account recovery
Hello AJHQ!
A while back I quit playing Animal Jam/Animal Jam Play Wild, but have recently decided to start playing again! But I’m having a problem, because I can’t remember the password or parent email of my old account.

If it’s possible, could you please tell me my old password, or let me reset it? It would be amazing to be back on my old account again after so long!
Here’s the account that I’m trying to get back of the person)

One more thing, to prove I’m not trying to hack someone’s account, I’ve been using a spare
(Your real account username) [ can also use a spare, but it will seem less realistic because you haven’t played on it enough, or very few items/den items, so make sure to play on it at least a bit, so it seems more believable.]
Here is my password to prove I own this account.
(Your real account password) (This is optional but AJHQ replies faster to jammers who include it, and they are more likely to believe you.)
As you can see, I obviously own this account, since I have the login information. Sadly, it’s only a backup, and it doesn’t have any of the items on my main.

Thank you for everything! Hope to be back on my main account soon!
-(the person’s user here)

After that, start waiting. It can take from a few hours to a few weeks for AJ to respond. Finally, you’ll get an email back, that asks you what email you would like to use for your new parent email. Reply with your email.

Once you get an email back saying that the parent email was reset, try to log into the scammer’s account! Click “forgot password” and enter your email in the parent email area. Then check your email! You will get a password reset email, and you can change the password to whatever you want!!! 😀

Do whatever you want! If you want to take items, make sure to transfer them to whatever account you told AJ was your “spare”, so they will just think you are transferring items to your spare.

Remember, no hacking anyone innocent, only scammers and bad people.
Hope this helped you guys! Best part is, AJ won’t know that you’re not actually them 🙂

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OPEN - Animal Jam Generator