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✩Hewo kittens this is a very serious topic if you cannot log into your account take the steps and try to log back in, if you still can’t find it let me know and I will check to see if you’ve lost your items.
Change all of your passwords associated with Animal Jam or that have the same password for other websites.
We will get through this together trust me.

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Hello everyone, I would like to provide some knowledge on this current situation.
To get right to the point, do not panic.
There are ways that you can remain safe and I would like to give you all some ease on all this stuff. This is a very big topic, so if you are a younger player, please tell a trusted adult and you can figure this out together.
Basically, Wildworks was breached from a 3rd party source, and the breach leaked about 46 million player’s information, ranging from usernames and passwords (in encrypted form) to billing information.
Players are mainly worried about their usernames, emails, and passwords, and the solution to that is very simple. Change your passwords immediately. If you change them, you will be much safer.
However, the main concern for parents is the billing information. To put your thoughts at ease, the only way that the hackers can obtain your billing information is if you purchased an Animal Jam Box or made an online purchase on the Outfitters website. If you have not done either of these things, this information was not breached. Credit card information was not breached either.

I have also seen users freaking out about the link that Wildworks provides. To be clear; the link that they provide is 100% safe, no matter what others say. It leads to the AJ Classic website and provides explanation for the event, such as time ranges, information stolen, and ways to keep yourself safe. It also leads to another trustworthy website that you can use to discover if you were breached. As far as I know, this site is also incredibly safe, as Wildworks themselves provided it.

Please do your own research with a parent or guardian before panicking. The community is going to be safe and Wildworks is trying its hardest to figure this out. Everything will be alright. Just change your passwords, discuss this with a trusted adult, and move on.

All the info about the breach/

Change your password is parent

Check if you got

Please stay safe! And contact AJ if you need any help ??

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