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Sandbox Summit Workshop
Creativity VS. Privacy for The debate heats up

Bill Shribman Senior Executive Producer, WGBH Digital with Rey Junco, Ed.D Associate Professor, Purdue University Libraries and Faculty Associate, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Linnette Attai President and Founder, PlayWell LLC, Joi Podgorny, Ed.D Director, Community Engagement, Smart Bomb Interactive and Anastasia Goodstein Vice President of Digital Services, The Advertising Council

More kids than ever have access to Internet-enabled devices, especially mobile ones. Parental oversight of usage, if it were ever possible, is even less feasible now. Add to that the recent FTC discovery that many of the most popular apps in kids’ hands have scant regard for kids’ privacy. And yet tools like the ubiquitous digital camera offer powerful opportunities for educational games, social connections, and creativity. In a roundtable format, a panel of experts will explore the balance between privacy and freedom, and between COPPA rules and media literacy. Drawing on their experience as producers, academics and legal professionals, they’ll dig into just why Instagram is the new tween social hangout, poke the seedy underbelly of social apps that your kids are probably using every day, and decide just how much of this new hyper-social landscape is a brave new frontier or a rerun of the Lord of the Flies.

OPEN - Animal Jam Generator